Common skin diseases of dogs


Dogs suffering from skin diseases are very painful,not only dogs, but also the dog parents. Serious skin diseases can also endanger the life safety of dogs.If you find your dog has skin problems, first thing is judge what kind of skin disease the dog has.

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Today, let's share with you six common skin diseases of dogs,and what characteristics they have.

 1.Granuloma caused by licking and biting

Some dogs love to be clean, so they often lick and bite their own skin, and their repeated licking and biting leads to their skin allergy. Usually on their front legs, it will lose hair and affect each layer of skin.

The bacteria and hair follicles of the skin will be destroyed and the capillaries will be inflamed. If dog parents do not treat in time, it will have a great impact on the dog.

Suggestion:Take your dog to pet hospital

2.Bacterial dermatitis

In curable skin diseases, the most common is recurrent bacterial dermatitis. Dogs will have round alopecia areata, scaling and scab, as well as small inflammatory rash, which will evolve into more hard skin spots.

It is rare that bacterial dermatitis will not appear when a dog is very healthy, so as the dog parents, you'd better give the dog a fine examination in the hospital.

Therapeutic method:

  • Use anti seborrheic bath (Vick medicine bath) and skin relaxant. The frequency of Bathing will be up to 1 ~ 2 weeks, depending on the treatment needs


Ringworm is actually a fungus, not a parasite.

The symptoms of ringworm infection are similar to those of mites: round alopecia areata, scaling, red and swollen skin spots.

This skin disease is contagious. It can be transmitted through close contact between dogs, especially puppies. Dog parents can usually apply some ointment and take some oral medicine.

Attention should be paid during treatment:

  • Thoroughly clean the affected part of the fungus, cut off the surrounding hair, and cut it in a wider range, which is conducive to the direct permeability of the drug and prevent the continued spread of the fungus.
  • The scope of application is larger than the affected area to prevent and inhibit the spread of fungi.


 4.Yeast infection

Yeast is a common skin infection that usually occurs around ears and claws. Dogs will bite their ears and feet if they infected by yeast

The skin will also change color due to stimulation, and often stink. If you find the infection, do not drag it,take your dog for a thorough cleaning and treatment.

Cause of diseases:

1.Humid and unsanitary environment, or contact with pathogens such as sick dogs.

2.Prone parts: eyes, ears, bridge of nose, chest, and then develop to trunk and limbs

therapeutic method

  • Ivermectin or doramectin for injection. Since the growth cycle of Demodex is 15 to 24 days, it is recommended to use it once a week,keep using for 8 weeks.
  • Dimethyl ether medicine bath and local external application are also a good treatment method. It is generally recommended to use once every 5 days,keep using more than 8 weeks.

PS:Dimethyl ether is toxic to a certain extent (the description will say that it is relatively safe). If you can't control the dose well, it is not recommended to us.

Special reminder:

For skin diseases induced by mites, dogs must shave. Because the eggs will remain in the hair and hatch continuously, generation after generation.


Eczema will lead the dogs’ skin become red and swollen,it may feel hot when you touch it. Eczema can occur anywhere, but the most frequent is on the chest, hips or head.

If your dog has eczema, be sure to take him/her to the doctor in time, otherwise the eczema will be repeated.

Cause of diseases:

The pathogenesis of eczema is complex, which is generally related to allergic partners. Under the action of external physical and chemical factors, such as mechanical compression, friction, bite, grasp and mosquito bite; Some drugs for internal use, external application and disinfection; Dirty skin, dirt irritation, wet kennel and other factors stimulate the body, causing skin allergy and eczema. Lack of vitamins and trace elements, resulting in low skin resistance and eczema.

therapeutic method:

  • Use external spray or lotion



Flea bites do cause itching symptoms,.But some dogs are allergic to flea bites,even if they are bitten by flea for a while,they will scratch and lick constantly. Therefore, the dog parents must clean the fleas on their dogs in time, otherwise the consequences will be unimaginable. After cleaning, the symptoms will be eliminated..

Check the dog's fur, you will find the small black spots or white spots left by fleas on the dog,it may cause by lice and fleas.In this case, go to buy an external spray or lotion.

There is also a skin problem caused by mites. Humid and unsanitary living environment will lead this skin disease occurs,Where there are mites on the body, the skin will thicken, crack and bleed, that makes dog feel very itchy, and scratch will make it become more and more serious.


Skin diseases of dogs can be prevented in advance: puppies should be inspected every month, adult dogs should be treated once every three months, puppies should be treated for the first time 20 ~ 30 days after birth, adult dogs should be treated once every quarter, and then pay attention to bathing frequently.

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