How to feed dogs healthily and appropriately.



Dog parents has to worry about the feeding dose for their dogs every day.

If your dogs eating too much are easy to get fat and cause cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, but eating too less will cause hypoglycemia and insufficient nutrition ,dogs will easy to get sick.


The size of dogs is basically determined by genes. Some dog parents who like small dogs to eat little when they are in early childhood. I have to remind them that this will inhibit the growth and development of dogs. Dogs growing up in this feeding environment must have a bad physique, and the gains are not worth the losses.


Feeding dogs too much is easy to cause indigestion, obesity and other diseases. Feeding dogs without restraint may endanger their lives.


For the health of dogs, there are some things that dog parents must know!


How much food is suitable for dogs every day?


The following is a relationship between dog weight and feeding amount, which is for your reference only.


Weight 1-5kg, 35-100g


Weight 5-12 kg, 100-220 G


Weight 12-25 kg, 220-420 G


Weight more than 25 kg, more than 420 G


This is an authoritative data, which specifies the daily consumption range of dogs. Under normal circumstances, the owner can make specific adjustments according to this range. The so-called specific adjustment refers to that dogs are in a special period. For example, dogs are in pregnancy and try not to limit feeding; When a dog is young, if you don't want the dog to be very big, you can limit food as much as possible. If it is a large dog, you should not limit food as much as possible.


At the same time, pay attention to the feeding frequency. Provide food for dogs at a fixed time and place every day


It can make the dog's intestines and stomach have a certain digestion law and avoid gastrointestinal diseases. (if you don't want to trouble, you can also feed the dog for one day at a time, but this may cause gastrointestinal discomfort, and it is easy to deteriorate if you can't eat it all in summer, so it's not recommended.)


Eating is very important for humans, and it is the same for dogs.Let’s starts with a healthy diet for your dogs.


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