Dogs have different personalities like people. Some are extroverted and some are introverted.What should we do when we meet timid dogs and how to train their courage?

The courage of dogs should be cultivated from an early age. We don’t suggest spoil the puppy too much. Let him/her get in touch with some new things to make him/her understand that some things are not terrible. Don't always hold them in your arms when they are afraid, because it will maker him/her think you are afraid, too.

The dog can be trained to gradually increase his/her courage. At the beginning of training, try to choose a place familiar to the dog, such as home, yard, etc. This can make him/her more relaxed without excessive fear. After a period of training, you can change the training place to a strange place, but the owner must follow to avoid excessive anxiety.

 You can also enhance the dog's self-confidence through some games, praise and encourage the dog in time in the game, or give the dog full praise when there are many people. This will gradually increase the dog's self-confidence and eliminate his inner fear.

There is an example about my friend how to train her dog:

Dogs are usually smart and lively, but my dog-Tiny is very timid at first. He doesn't run around like other dogs. One of Tiny's biggest hobbies is to hide in the nest. If a stranger comes to the house and wants to play with him, he starts to be nervous, and will shout at strangers for fear that strangers will hurt him, Then I tried to train his courage.

The main reason why dogs are timid is their fear of the unknown and that they will be hurt. Now I have given him more opportunities to touch strange things. For example, I often take him to play with other dogs and let him adapt to busy places and places with many strangers. At first, he was still very nervous, but slowly I found that Tiny could accept strangers to touch him. Later, it can even let strangers hold it, which is a great breakthrough for my dog. I feel happy for him. After a period of time, I deliberately let him contact strangers and strange dogs. After that Tiny is no longer afraid of them. Now his courage has improved very much.

Here I remind you that if your dog is timid, the best way is to take him to meet strangers or strange things. In this way, he will have more courage over time.


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