Many common dogs can do many things without a lot of training.Some dogs can learn some regular skills easily just with a little training, such as shaking hands, sitting down, pretending to be dead, etc., but there are also some dogs, which are very difficult to train. Today, I'd like to share four kinds of dogs that are difficult to train.

1.Border grazing

Speaking of Border Collies, what you come to mind first? There is no doubt that it must be the smartest dog. The border shepherd ranks first in many dog breed IQ tests. It is also because of its high IQ that the border shepherd has a strong sense of independence, likes to do what he likes, disobeys management, poor obedience, so it is difficult to train if you are not a professional dog trainer .

2.Tibetan Mastiff

Tibetan mastiff is a large mastiff dog from China. So far, I haven't heard anyone train Tibetan mastiff very well.

The best age for Tibetan mastiff training is 4 months.If you train it too early, the young mastiff has not yet formed a stable personality, so it is difficult to train. If you train it too late, the Tibetan Mastiff has formed its own character, and the Tibetan mastiff is a stubborn breed, so it is difficult to adjust and train again.

3.Afghan Hound

Afghan hounds are very cultured and noble in our impression, but they also have a neurotic side. Afghan hounds are very kind to their owners, but they always show a proud attitude to strangers and are very unfriendly to strangers.

They have very strong independence, which also leads to their own habit of independent thinking. Moreover, their independent character also makes it difficult for them to train. In addition, the intelligence quotient of Afghan hounds is very low, which is lower than that of most dogs. It is difficult to understand the intention of their owners and trainers, even if a simple action needs to be trained dozens or even hundreds of times.


Tosa is a large fighting dog from Japan, It is very aggressive. Anyone's proximity can make them very hostile. It is very difficult to train. It is not easy to accept the training of trainers, and it is easy to hurt people during training. If you want to train this kind of dog, the trainers need more patience and time.


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